Discourse Teaching

Buddha Bites has a YouTube Channel!

We’re very much in experimentation phase here at DharmaPhD. To produce EP3 of Dharma PhDthe podcast, I used an audio editing program designed for podcasters called Descript. If you have three minutes and would like to smile, I cannot help but recommend their ad video. It’s delightful.

But. The real thing to announce is that, using Descript, I’ve created audiograms for all twenty-four episodes (!!) of Buddha Bites and slung them up to YouTube. I’m not sure this is something I’ll stick with, but it feels in line with the mission to get the dharma to text for those who prefer that format.

Here’s the channel link, and below is Episode 24 of Buddha Bites. If you have a thought about this: it’s interesting, it’s not interesting, you like it you don’t like it, send word. I’d love to hear from you. :)

With friendliness! 🌻

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