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John Peacock's "Buddhism Before the Theravada" Part 4 – EP5 Dharma PhD

Welcome to Dharma PhD! In this episode we talk about John Peacocks' talk, "Buddhism Before the Theravada, Part 4". We talk about how our experience is troubled because we misunderstand how our minds work (avijjā) and how much of our daily activities are actually more habit than will (sankhāra). A few things referred to: Dr. Judson Brewer (drjud.com) and his book The Craving Mind. (https://tinyurl.com/y4hs8vmm) The concept of Learning in Public. (https://www.swyx.io/learn-in-public/) Hedonic Tone, also called "feeling tone" is my preferred translation of the Pāli word "vedanā". I talked about it over on my other podcast in a few episodes: https://www.buddha-bites-podcast.com/episode/buddha-bites-ep23 The Google ad we were referring to was titled "Reunion". (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHGDN9-oFJE) A random Tumblr search for you: https://www.tumblr.com/search/grogu/recent. Michael Gazzaniga's amazing book Who's in Charge. (https://tinyurl.com/y2kyaxpa) Dr. BJ Fogg and his Tiny Habits program. (https://www.tinyhabits.com/) and finally, Charles Duhigg's The Power of Habit. (https://tinyurl.com/y3qt2vtc) A transcript of and link to John Peacock's talk is available here: https://dharmaphd.com/2021/01/07/john-peacock-buddhism-before-the-theravada-part-4-2011-09-03/ And a transcript of this podcast episode is available here: https://dharmaphd.com/2021/01/08/dharma-phd-the-podcast-episode-5/ Want to get in touch? We'd love to hear from you! Email us at hello@dharmaphd.com.
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I’m also exploring other formats: Buddha Bites is “60(ish) seconds of BuddhaMindfulness for your inner child.” Short and sweet, just the way you like it!

Buddha Bites EP51 – The Garden of Your Mind Buddha Bites

Welcome back to Buddha Bites, bringing you delicious morsels of BuddhaMindfulness Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Want to reach out? We're over at dharmaphd.com. Thanks for listening!
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And I’m recording my live guided meditation sessions (meditations only, not discussion) and publishing them as a podcast: Guided Meditations with Shannon. If you’re interested in joining our sessions, send word!

Friendliness or Metta Meditation – EP61 Guided Meditations with Shannon

Friendliness or Metta Meditation. Recorded 2021-03-02. Offered with friendliness! If you listen to meditations on Insight Timer, you can check us out there, search for "Cultivate". Want to get in touch? We're over at http://www.dharmaphd.com.
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