Sutta Comparative Translation, MN26, Ariyapariyesanā Sutta


I’m currently participating in one of Bodhi College’s long courses, the Committed Practitioners Programme.

Every month we are offered a “Continuing Investigation”. For January we were invited to read Majjhima Nikāya 26, the Ariyapariyesanā Sutta, typically translated “The Noble Search”.

Since I’ve not made it very far in my Pāli language studies, I built a spreadsheet comparing the Pāli to five different English translations, Bhikkhu Bodhi, IB Horner, Bhikkhu Sujato, Bhikkhu Ṭhānissaro, and Bhikkhuni Upalavanna.

Come and geek out with me here:

Podcast on this sutta is in the works. May you be well!

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