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Stephen Batchelor’s Upcoming Series: After Buddhism and Beyond

I’ll be attending Stephen Batchelor’s upcoming seminar series, hosted by Bodhi College, “After Buddhism and Beyond”. It is a twelve-part series, run in two semesters from February through the end of June. My understanding is that the series will consist of 3-hour course blocks of seminar, provided via Zoom. According to the series website, “Each […]


Bodhi College — What is Mindfulness?

Bodhi College, in conjunction with Tricycle Online Courses, is offering a course entitled “Mindfulness: Its Origins, Purpose, and Transformational Power”. Course instructors are Akincano Weber, Christina Feldman, Stephen Batchelor, and John Peacock. The preview material includes a video entitled “What is Mindfulness?”. It is available for free; click “Free Preview”, enter your email address. You’ll […]