Perpetually Prototyping – A Writing Experiment

I’ve recently learned of the writing workshop Ship 30 for 30. The structure is writing <250 word "Atomic Essays" every day for 30 days.

Dear Friendlies, Greetings!

Jeff and I share a little phrase, “Perpetually Prototyping”. It’s very anicca; trying to remember that everything is in flux, everything is a prototype. This frees us to try new experiments.

I’ve recently learned of the writing workshop Ship 30 for 30. The structure is writing <250 word “Atomic Essays” every day for 30 days.

I don’t expect to actually publish every day. But I do hope you’ll be seeing more frequent, shorter posts. Don’t worry, it’s just an experiment. The idea is to get better at writing by actually writing.

Have any of you done a workshop or challenge like this?

With friendliness!

Edit: This post was made 01JUN2022. Since then (it’s now late JUL), I’ve started using the phrase “Atomic Broadcasting” to describe this idea of publishing the smallest possible chunk of content. It’s a combination of Ship30for30’s “Atomic Essay” and Seth Godin’s “Broadcasting”. Onward!

5 replies on “Perpetually Prototyping – A Writing Experiment”

Hi Shannon – sounds like a good plan! I’ve never participated in anything quite like that (though I have taken part in other workshops); my own personal challenge at the miment is to finish the novel I started about three years ago… I am considering finding some kind of mentor once I’ve got to the end of a decent first draft.
I haven’t worked with her but I am signed up to the newsletter of the person who runs this “challenge”- Nathalie Sejean writes in French and in English, so interests me particularly.

Hope you’re well – Luke

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Luke! Hello.

A novel?!? Is it about Punk? or Dharma? Or France?

Oh, that’s the non-fiction part of your life. :)))

If it’s interesting to share resources, I found _Story Genius_ by Lisa Cron uh-maze-ing.

Thanks for the rec. I will check out Sejean.



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