Discourse Scholarship

Study Retreat – The Practice of Human Flourishing


For those of you with the fortitude to get to The Netherlands in March, Bodhi College will be hosting a retreat at ITC Naarden titled “The Practice of Human Flourishing“. It will be co-taught by Stephen Batchelor and our man John Peacock. The description on the Bodhi College website:

This retreat will focus on the striking parallels between the teachings of Gotama … and those of Socrates, the Sceptics, Epicureans and Stoics…  Not only did these two traditions emerge in the same historical period … they took for granted that dharma/philosophy originated in astonishment at being alive, involved a therapeutic practice with teachers who were compared to doctors, and aimed at enabling human flourishing through the cultivation of an ethical way of life.

I’ll be there; if you’re coming, send word!

PS: More details and registration here.

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