Pressing Ideas Up Against the World

The deeper I delve into Buddhist psychology, the more I feel at risk of going tharn in the face of its immensity. The work here at CogScifulness is 100% an attempt to deal with that threat of overwhelm. I worry, somewhat, about exposing my under-construction understanding… but I do not believe that wisdom can develop without pressing one’s ideas up against the world.

This, in fact, is precisely where I believe the project of Western Philosophy went astray. This is why we spent centuries dancing on the heads of pins, why we were taken in by Kant’s Cogito. We latched onto Plato’s Forms and have been ever since trying to fly on wings of insufficient reason towards the Christian God’s transcendence.

It would have shaved several semesters off my Philosophy degree if someone had the chutzpah to demand that the ideas we argued day after day be put to test in the world.

So, here they are. My peeping little fledgling ideas. And a big scary world. I wish them luck.

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