Discourse Scholarship

Dharma PhD (the podcast) Episode 4

Dharma PhD podcast Episode 4, hit the airwaves this morning. Yay! Come and have a listen while Co-host and I talk about John Peacock’s “Buddhism Before the Theravada, Part 3”. We talk about the Tilakkhana, the Three Marks of Existence, I offer a new translation of Dukkha (22:24), and we discuss the application of ancient […]


Marc Akincano Weber, The meeting of Dukkha and Sati — a transformative encounter, 2014–08–22

This is one of a series of transcripts of contemporary talks which I have found particularly instructive. This talk was made available by Dharma Seed. The meeting of Dukkha and Sati — a transformative encounter. Insight Meditation Society — Forest Refuge : August 2014 at IMS — Forest Refuge. Good. Tonight I’d like to say something about Dukkha. And about Sati, Mindfulness. […]