Dhamma and AI Filmmaking: A Call for Mitta

On the hunt for dhammic video editing mitta; apply here!

Dear Friendlies, Greetings,

I’ve been wondering whom to ask about a question, tentatively reaching out here and there, hemming and hawing. Then I remembered. Oh, right. The blog. I can ask those fine folks. :)))

Conditions have, quite suddenly, come together that I might be leaping blindly into a second career as an AI Filmmaker (!!!). I am completely naive to the field; my research thus far has turned up lots of folk talking about AI and filmmaking and video editing, but not many of them seem to have dhammic grounding.

The ask: Do any of you fine friendlies happen to be (or know) a dhamma (or dhammic) professional in generative video AI, or video editing, or indie filmmaking, who might find it amusing to chat with a completely disoriented newby about what one might expect?

I don’t know if it’s interesting to hear more details, so please don’t bother if not…

Spoiler alert, I am a bit of Star Wars nerd.

This video was apparently made using generative AI for structural ideas, copy, images, and video.

I don’t yet know the details, but the producers are hosting their first “How to AI Filmmaking” class in June and I’m considering diving in.

I’m excited because, of the alternate-universe-Shannons, one of them is an animator. Since I was eety-beety I’ve daydreamed of the profession, but also recognized that developing the artistic prowess would take more years than is presently skillful.

The most optimistic narrative is that AI Filmmaking will allow me to tell the stories bubbling in my brains.

The most pessimistic narrative is that this is yet another gimmick; that getting involved in this industry will ensnare me in all manner of anti-renunciate, anti-samadhic behavior and communities. But a little voice whispers that (perhaps) I could do good, that I could tell visual stories that matter and move people. And you could have videos to augment Funny T-Shirt Fridays. ;)

Thanks for listening. I’m rather too excited. Apologies if this is incoherent. If nothing else, I hope you enjoy the video. :)))

3 replies on “Dhamma and AI Filmmaking: A Call for Mitta”

Spoiler alert. I’m a bit of a Wes Anderson fan. :)
LOL! I Googled AI Filmmaking and didn’t understand a thing! Ha ha! When you were itty-bitty you imagined a skill/profession that didn’t yet exist. And now it does. WOW! Thank you for entrusting us with your dream, and for sharing your vibrant buzzy hopeful excitement of its possible fulfillment. I’m happy for you. Looking forward to hearing how it unfolds – the journey of decision-making. All the best, dharma sister.

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Isn’t this just taking a video and editing it?Good luck getting answers to your question. Love love


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