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Leigh Brasington’s New Book on Dependent Origination (Paṭiccasamuppāda)

Greetings, Friendlies!

Super fun news. Leigh Brasington, a meditation teacher best known for teaching jhānas, released a new book over the weekend. If you don’t already know him, Leigh is quite a character. Rather than going through the trouble of releasing through a publisher, he decided to self-publish and the ebook is available for dāna. Here’s the link:

Dependent Origination and Emptiness.

If you haven’t read or retreated with Leigh, he has a very easy-going, conversational style. Not at all “scholastic-y”. To give you a taste, here’s the dedication:

For those who seek to evolve,
rather than just pursue high quality saṃsāra.

That from a guy known for teaching the jhānas!

I’ve been through the book once already; it’s an easy read, you can power right through if you want to. But I plan to return and take more time with it; we’ve been working on paṭiccasamupāda here at Dharma PhD and he has many interesting things to say.

If you read and enjoy, send him word. He’d love it.

With friendliness!

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