We’re Back!

Greetings, Friendlies!

BooBear and I have settled(ish) on the West Coast of the US. The cross country trip was _amazing_; Five Stars. Highly Recommend.

This is just a quick touch to report that we’ve landed and that the Independent PhD progresses by leaps and bounds. Thanks to all of you who reached out; I can report with moderate confidence that September is the month of the podcast! I’m right now working on the next topic, the fifth in John Peacock’s Buddhism Before the Theravada series.

Forty minutes in to the seventy-six minute talk and already the mind-map is a mess…

But it’s a treat to be engaging again.

With friendliness!

2 replies on “We’re Back!”

Hey Shannon!

Glad to see you’re back in biz! You going to get back up to Mount Rainier this season? WTA is still working every weekend! I’m here until 10/10.

Cheers, Tom


Tom, hello! Thanks for touching base. I owe you an email! Happy Friday!


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